Hi! I’m Ashlyn Weiner, a digital media management student, casual photographer, and now food blogger. I am currently living in Austin, Texas where I study at St. Edward’s University. I’m interested in all things digital media, photography, and social media marketing related; though I have to say, photography holds a special place in my heart. Who knew picking up my first DSLR camera at 16 would lead me on the creative path I’m on today? More recently, I have decided to direct my creativity towards another one of my passions: food. In doing so, I have launched Better Ate Than Never, my very own blog dedicated to documenting my favorite food spots in Austin.

As for myself, I am passionate, driven, sometimes an overthinker, and usually a perfectionist. I’m always looking to expand my horizons– both academically and creatively. I never strive for second best, and I look forward to making my professional and creative mark on this world.

Let’s connect! I’m always looking to meet new people and form new creative and professional relationships. Feel free to check out my Instagram, Twitter or connect with me on LinkedIn.

Welcome to my portfolio, enjoy!


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    1. Hi! Unfortunately, I am preparing to go out of town this Wednesday, so right now is not a good time. I will be back in late July if you would like to schedule a shoot then! Just email me what date is good for you. I hope we can work together!

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