Hi guys! Today, I decided to mix it up a bit and talk about some other Austin-based food bloggers. Below, I have rounded up a list of three of my favorite local food Instagramers/bloggers. While I primarily keep up with them on Instagram, they all have personal blogs filled with recipe ideas, restaurant recommendations, food guides, etc.

Fun fact: I actually interviewed all three of these bloggers as a part of my undergraduate thesis on social media influencer marketing in the Austin area. Through the project, I learned from them the ins and outs of being a local food blogger/social media influencer, which now provides me with interesting context in understanding what they do. Anyways, enough about my thesis… (I could seriously talk about it for hours!) My point is I still personally follow all of these bloggers and consider them to be some of Austin’s best experts on all things food related.

1. Jane Ko (@atasteofkoko)

Jane Ko, the founder of A Taste of Koko, runs one of Austin’s most well-known food, travel, and lifestyle blogs. While her main focus is on Austin’s restaurant scene, she is known for providing excellent comprehensive guides to the best places to eat in the city. Most recently, she posted a guide to Austin’s best outdoor patios — perfect in time for spring and warmer weather. She also has guides to some of Austin’s best brunch spots, hottest happy hours, and even the best places to eat French fries!

Her Instagram page is filled with vibrant, colorful images of food. She also incorporates images of herself at new local restaurants or at different travel destinations. Her posts are always informative and fun to look at, which is why I like them. I often go to her page when I need a new restaurant recommendation, and she never fails to deliver.

A Taste of KoKo

She also dabbles in video content on her YouTube channel. She often partners with well-known companies to create video content with a focus on the Austin food scene. As you can see below, she made an “SXSW Survival Guide” video featuring her top tips to getting the most out of a day in Austin during SXSW.


2. Kelsey Kennedy (@somuchlifeblog)

Kelsey Kennedy is the founder of So Much Life, another one of Austin’s top food and restaurant blogs. Similar to Jane Ko, she also conveniently compiles restaurant guides for her subscribers (see this one on the best places to eat on South First Street) while also mixing in content about her day-to-day life as a professional violinist/foodie. I like her because she’s real and honest about the places she thinks are good and worthy of your time and $$. She is also never afraid to share when a place is overhyped or just simply not good. Definitely check her out if you need any inspo in deciding where to eat your next meal!

So Much Life

3. Rachel Holtin (@austinfoodstagram)

Lastly, we have Rachel Holtin, who just recently launched her own blog after amassing a following as a local Instagram food influencer. On Austin Foodstagram, she posts about a variety of topics from her favorite places to eat or drink locally to reviews of local hotels and staycation opportunities. She also does guides on food and activities going on in the Austin area (most recently she posted an SXSW 2019 event guide). Her Instagram feed is always filled with fun, impressive stacks and spreads of food from restaurants all over the city. If you like a mixed variety of food, travel, and lifestyle content, she’s worth the follow.


Alright, that’s a wrap on my list of my favorite Austin food bloggers! Honestly, the list could be much longer because I follow so many local bloggers/influencers, but these three ladies are my current favorites. They are always consistently posting good quality, engaging content about what places are worth eating at in this city and their following certainly reflects that.

See you in my next post. Go eat some good food!

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