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Poke-Poke: So Good, You Say It Twice

Hi, guys! I’m back again to share another one of my favorite restaurants in ATX, Poke-Poke. For starters, if you haven’t heard about poke, 1. are you living under a rock? and 2. you’re missing out on the biggest fast causal food trend of the past year. In simple terms, poke is a sort of deconstructed sushi roll that is a raw-food specialty native to Hawaii. Over the last few years, it has reached the mainland, where sushi lovers have fallen in love with this tasty bowl filled with raw cubes of soy sauce -marinaded fish, rice, and veggies, along with other delicious toppings.

Since trying it for the first time a few months ago, I am hooked. And I am not ashamed to admit I have jumped on the poke bandwagon wholeheartedly. This stuff is unlike anything I have ever tried before; not to mention it’s a savory and salty flavor explosion in your mouth.

Now, part of the reason it took so long for me to try poke is that the raved about poke spot across the street from my university was the replacement of Amy’s Ice Cream, an establishment I developed an extreme fondness for during my freshman year. Nonetheless, I figured two years was long enough to sulk about the closing of Amy’s, and I needed to see what all the hype was about for myself. That was October 2017, and I have now been back an unhealthy number of times.

Okay, enough rambling, you guys have got to check out Poke-Poke.

Given that it’s tucked away in a corner on South Congress Avenue, it can be easy to pass up, but you guys should seriously not overlook this place. The inside is crisp and clean, but it usually smells very strongly of raw fish. For this reason, I usually do not sit and dine in the restaurant. (There is also limited seating to consider.) I prefer to eat it at home anyways, where I can make a mess of my poke and not feel guilty about it. On this particular rainy, dreary night, I decided I needed something quick and easy; the answer was Poke-Poke.

The crisp interior of Poke-Poke–just order at the counter and the workers will make your poke fresh, on the spot to enjoy.

As for their menu, they offer a wide variety of poke options. They not only offer signature poke bowls, but they also offer a customizable option where you can build your own bowl. This is my preferred way to order, as I get to pick my flavor and add my favorite toppings to my poke bowl. (Also, side note, I did not notice this until last month, but Poke-Poke also offers Acai bowls, which I am a huge fan of. I definitely plan on giving them a try when spring starts to roll around!)

The expansive menu at Poke-Poke

Ok, let’s talk about my order, which I have perfected through the many orders I have placed at Poke-Poke. So, like I mentioned before, I customize my own bowl. I usually get a big bowl of white rice and salmon (a substitution for the standard tuna), flavored in the “aloha” style. This is one of their lighter options for flavoring the fish, as it uses simple ingredients such as Aloha Shoyu, sesame oil, sea salt, white and green onions, sesame seeds, and crushed red pepper. I also add carrots and sambal to add some additional heat to the poke bowl. (Can you guys tell I love all things spicy yet?)

The best poke order (in my opinion)

The product is a wonderful mixture of salty, savory, and spicy Asian flavors that are guaranteed to satisfy any sushi/poke craving. For real, this is not a spot you want to miss.

Well, that’s a wrap on Poke-Poke! Let me know if you guys have tried this awesome poke spot or poke in general. I am curious to know who else is participating in this poke craze!

For my next post, I’m thinking Thai food, and I have just the food truck in mind. I mean, it’s about time I talk about a food truck on this blog… this is Austin after all!

Alright, Happy Wednesday, everyone!

3100 South Congress Avenue, $$,

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