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Step Aside Torchy’s, Tacodeli is Where It’s At

Welcome to my first post on my new food blog! Here you can find all of my favorite food spots in Austin as I eat my way through this wonderful city. This week, I’m sharing a place with you that has one of my favorite foods– tacos!

I cannot write a blog about food in Austin without mentioning tacos. It’s just not possible. There are tacos everywhere in this city, and for every time of day. We have breakfast tacos, lunch tacos, Mexican-style street tacos, vegetarian tacos, and even vegan tacos–the list goes on. That being said, I am picky when it comes to tacos. Although I am still on the search for my perfect hole-in-the-wall taco spot in Austin, I have found something that comes pretty close.

The answer is Tacodeli.

Don’t let the construction on the other side of the street steer you away. You have to try this place!
The original location on Spyglass Drive–my personal favorite.

If you are a fellow Austinite, I am sure this is a name that has come up in conversation, given they opened in Austin back in 1999 and now have five locations in Austin alone. My favorite location is the original Tacodeli on Spyglass Drive. I will say though parking can be tough to find at peak hours. However, the trouble is worth it to enjoy a nice afternoon lunch filled with good tacos and fresh air.

Now on to the food! I’m so excited to tell you about this taco. It’s called the Mexico City Sirloin.

Two Mexico City Sirloin tacos drizzled with Tacodeli’s award-winning Salsa Doña.

It’s filled with grilled sirloin, onion, and cilantro. That’s it. And let me tell you, it is everything you could ever want in a taco. It’s simple, no frills, but it’s flavorful. It’s never greasy and doesn’t cost an exorbitant amount of money. (I’m looking at you, Torchy’s). You also must top these tacos with the famous Salsa Doña, which is their award-winning creamy jalepeño salsa. Just trust me, and do it. This stuff is so good it’s even now being sold in Whole Foods. Paired with the taco, it adds a nice level of heat and deepens the flavor of the grilled sirloin. And don’t forget to squeeze a little lime on top!

I will also have you know I’m not a big red meat person. I rarely eat it anymore, but I do make an exception when I stop by Tacodeli. I’ve even tried finding a good substitute taco by testing out the different chicken and vegetarian taco options on the menu, but they just don’t come close to the Mexico City Sirloin.


The perfect lunch to carbo-load while satisfying any taco craving.


However, to get the full Ashlyn-Tacodeli experience, you have to order the chips and queso, 2 Mexico City Sirloin Tacos, and the Pink Drink. Nothing about this meal is by any means healthy, but when you are in the mood to carbo-load this is the best meal ever. Plus, you can always bring a friend to lighten the load. And if you’re feeling really guilty afterward, you can always walk it off at the Barton Creek Greenbelt since the Spyglass entrance is right across the street. (Can’t you tell I’ve done this before?) Haha.

Anyways, let me know if you’ve eaten here before! I’d love to know what your thoughts were. If you haven’t checked it out yet, swing by there the next time you get a deep craving for some tacos.

Look out for a post next week as I head to another one of my favorite food spots in Austin. In the meantime, comment your favorite spot in Austin I should go check out next!

1500 Spyglass Drive, $,


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